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Freight Services

Carryward Freight Services specializes in providing flexible logistics capabilities that start from the planning stage, and go all the way to the delivery of your goods. We listen to your unique business needs and can jump into whichever part of the logistics supply chain you need us, be it Plan, Source/Make, Book/Move or Deliver. All of our solutions are developed internally, including Air cargo, Ocean cargo, Customs Clearance, Land Transportation across GCC, Domestic services, Warehousing and Distribution, Heavy Equipment Supply, import and export compliance.


The supply chain process begins with clearly understanding your constraints and designing your supply chain based on these variables. When planning with CFS, you have access to a knowledge base of logistics industry experts that will assist with customs compliance, export restriction controls and risk management.

Source & Make

Sourcing decisions require you to have knowledgeable information on duties, quotas and landed costs. Production and inventory management then occurs and shipments are prepared. We lend expertise when sorting out the sourcing variables, creating online bookings and preparing the necessary paperwork to expedite the start of the shipment cycle.

We have the ability to consolidate cargo and manage your orders every step of the way, using our Order Management services. Our Distribution services teams help with vendor management inventory, seasonal capacity planning and in many other ways.

Book & Move

When shipments leave the dock, businesses require visibility and control of their freight. Clearing customs and transitioning between different modes of transit requires trust in your third party logistics provider. We will guide you through the shipment movement, whether choosing our Ocean or Air Freight services, and whether you are shipping domestic or international. We will provide you with access to detailed information on your freight, including customs and cargo release.


As shipments approach their destination, they may require in-transit assembly, product merge and warehouse delivery. This stage of the supply chain process also requires strict release measurements and data visibility. Our Distribution experts have the facilities to handle order fulfillment and spare parts management at destination in anticipation of demand fluctuations. Our strong network team will make sure the freights are delivering to the final destination without any damage or headache to your supply chain cycle.